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Trulogix focuses on a niche technical area of developing web-based interfaces...
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Gives you the maximum returns for your IT investments. Trulogix has a fully operational offshore development center with highly qualified professionals assisting clients across the United States. With high speed internet connectivity and VOIP Phones we make sure that we are in constant consultation with our clients, delivering what we promise in time, within budgets and with maximum accuracy. We take pride in our model of outsourcing which gives our clients the assurance of significant cost reductions without compromising the quality and flexibility.

Strategic alliance for outsourcing:

At Trulogix we follow a framework based software development life cycle which greatly improves the scalability, reliability and robustness of the softwares that we deliver. This gives us the thrust to deliver large enterprise applications with the shortest turn around time. Having a separate data access layer optimized for maximum performance with minimal resource usage, our application development framework makes sure that performance is never an issue. We have delivered softwares across multiple clients using this framework with great success.

Framework based development:

Trulogix focuses on a niche technical area of developing web-based interfaces into a variety of systems. We have designed, developed and delivered very large software on standalone bases as well as interfacing directly into native ERP solutions such as Oracle e-Business Suite and SAP. All our systems are developed on our data transfer layer, which is a part of our baseline system. The following diagram illustrates our area of expertise and how we integrate our solutions with native ERP and/or legacy systems.


The RPPS is in the process to maintain their worldwide Customers record through a web interface. The main aim of this project was to restrict the users from changing the Customer record directly through their Oracle Form application rather updating the Record through an approval process. As per the requirement of this application, all UI Interfaces are dynamic in nature i.e., the content of every interfaces are controlled by a pre determined matrix stored in the data base and user responsibilities. In case of any changes the updated record is stored temporarily in data base and notifications are sent to the approvers. After approving the request the records are updated to the Oracle TCA data base.

RPPS Customers Online

Infoprint Solutions Company is in the process of migrating the enterprise application systems from IBM systems to in-house oracle applications ERP. Due to this system migration process, certain data which are historical in nature also needs to be migrated into the new enterprise system. Infoprint Solutions Company through this project DeepDig seeks to develop a system which will facilitate these historical data transfer from the legacy systems into the new enterprise system. This data once migrated also needs to be viewed through a web based interface.

DEEPDIG Historical Data Migration System

ACMS is software to facilitate internal bidding among a group of car-dealers. This for placing bids for a buy option of any prospective car. The application keeps track of all the participating dealers, manufacturers, models of cars etc. in a centralized database providing Web interface.

Auto Carrier Management System

Dispatch Freight provides the ultimate one-stop experience for Truck Liners Brokers, providing an easy to use, service for pick-up and delivery of auto-mobiles. Auto Dealers, Rental Cars, Auto Auctioneers and other organizations can post their vehicle transportation requirements. It has the real-time viewing of vehicle load postings on Google map.
Reference: www.dispatchfreight.com

Dispatch Freight


Solutions for business
At Trulogix we believe that a company's pride lies in the work it does. Being a small organization that we are, our commitment towards excellence has been the driving force towards multiple success stories with our clients across the United States.

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