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Start with your project 30% done with our baseline software.

Technology base

At Trulogix, we take immense pride in our high level of technical expertise. Our staff members are fully trained in the usage of some of the latest technology available. A partial list of the areas that we provide technical excellence on are:
  • Oracle Database Programming with SQL * Plus and PLSQL including native XML and Java technology
  • Java/J2EE framework programming.
  • Java Server Pages (JSP) with STRUTS framework.
  • AJAX (Asynchronous Java and XML)
  • Our Technology Focus:
    As a business organization we believe in staying focused on our customers' needs... always. Our core philosophy is to set the highest standards, in all our software related activities. As with all other industries, that can only be achieved with maintaining a steady focus on the technology that we specialize in. Our consultants are continuously trained on latest and the best, to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. As a software development organization, we specialize in two main areas. One is OracleTM and its related tools. The second is JavaTM and associated web related technology. As the business world evolves rapidly around the Internet, we build our knowledge base to bring you the best of the Web using JavaTM, while providing desktop based solutions using OracleTM front end tools like Forms.

    Fastest Data Access Layer.

    Business Verticals
  • Retail Space Enterprise and e-Commerce
  • Product Management
  • Web Content & Product Lifecycle Management
  • Internet Sales
  • Payment Gateways

  • Logistics Business Space
  • Vehicle movers management software (ACMS)
  • Online quotation engine; integration with Google Maps
  • Trip Management
  • Invoicing and Payments
  • Integrated Portal - for auto carriers DispatchFreight.com
  • Paperless transaction for auto carriers


    Development center of Trulogix is located at the Software Technology Parks of India, Durgapur premises. We have state of the art equipment to handle projects of any size. Through High speed internet connectivity and VOIP phones we are in constant touch with our resources in US and with our clients. Our development center and people working under the Incap software Umbrella in US couple up to provide our clients with a 24 X 7 work cycle. With best technical resources working for us our clients are assured that they get the highest returns on their investments.

    100% projects delivered before time and under budget.

    Trulogix Information Systems : Baseline Software
    We have developed a set of software and associated tools to be used as baseline for all our Web application development. These tools have been developed with a plug and play configuration and are collectively called WADE (Web Application Development for Enterprises) framework. Most of these are proprietary to Trulogix. Following is a subset of WADE: 
    • Enterprise Systems:-
      Project Management, Functional and Technical consultancy for deployment of Oracle Enterprise systems (Oracle Applications 11i and above)

      Data Integration and data conversion services for disparate enterprise systems, using ou proprietary WIDE (Web Integration of Data over Enterprises) tool.
    • Web Based applications:-
      Management and development of large-scale internet/intranet software applications.

      Database development with Oracle databases, integrating Web applications with Java middle-tier using high-speed compressed XML technology. Our proprietary DAL (Data Access Layer), technology takes pride in providing...    read more
    Database development with Oracle databases, integrating Web applications with Java middle-tier using high-speed compressed XML technology. Our proprietary DAL (Data Access Layer), technology takes pride in providing the fastest data retrieval for web application systems.

    Integration of 3rd party products and services into web-applications (such as Google Maps, Paypal etc. Sample application is available at DispatchFreight.com Web 2.0 specification software development, along with Incap's proprietary WADE (Web Application Development for Enterprises) framework. Sample application available DispatchFreight.com

    E-commerce web content management systems, to automate maintenance and publishing content life cycle in retail portfolio.
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